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Looking to hire a highly experienced and capable software developer? Check out my resume and use my contact page to get in touch. I am always open to discussing legitimate opportunities at interesting companies who are looking for someone who does excellent work.

Sunjay Varma My name is Sunjay Varma. I am a highly experienced software developer and future computer engineer currently studying at the University of Waterloo.

What sets me apart from other software developers is my high degree of experience in web development, ability to quickly pick up on any new technology and the little details I see that other developers may not.

I build awesome software because I love software and really enjoy writing it well.

Many can claim to be detail oriented. With my extensive experience, I take it to the next level. I pick and choose the details that matter the most to deliver fantastic results on time.

Many languages I know I can pick up any technology very quickly because I do it all the time. I learn new programming languages for fun and pick up new frameworks on the go at work and on my own as well.

I have been writing software for over 7 years. It is my favorite thing to do because I can build anything with software. From small interfaces to entire universes, I can make it all.

Let’s build something amazing.

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