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Sunjay Varma My name is Sunjay Varma. I am a highly experienced software developer who has been writing code for over a decade. My skills have been refined by over 3 years of professional experience. I have designed entire systems of software, led developers to implement them, and worked with others to improve the systems as they grew.

I actively contribute to open source and explore a number of different areas in my personal projects. As a result, I have written a compiler, a fast interpreter for a small language, and even an image editor. Besides those projects, I have also created a library to help teach beginners how to code in Rust, contributed to other libraries, and provided new features and bug fixes for tools I use in my own development. Most recently, I also started contributing code to the Rust compiler. See my GitHub profile for more on my projects and contributions.

One way I share programming with people is by teaching it to as many people as I can. Over the last decade since I started programming, I have written many online tutorials and in depth blog posts. Not only does this help me deepen my own knowledge, it also allows me to share what I learn with other people. You can often find me in online forums or StackOverflow helping people learn programming and find solutions to their problems.

Many languages I have explored many different programming languages including Rust, Python, JavaScript, Haskell, C, C++ and more. Learning so many programming languages has taught me many different paradigms and programming techniques. I find that there is a lot I can learn by considering a variety of sources and methodologies.

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